Classic, Cool, & Crisp: White Button-Up

A white button-up shirt is the definition of a wardrobe staple. It’s classic, comfortable, and can be worn with basics, black tie, and everything in between. With a tailored shape, a white button-up blouse elevates distressed denim and conservative suiting alike. It epitomizes a true wear-anywhere closet staple. No wonder why a white button-up paired with a black pencil skirt or sharp pant is the unofficial uniform for so many of us!

A white button-up is one of our wardrobe’s most versatile pieces, not only because of the luxury of pairing beautifully with everything, but it can also be worn and styled in a multitude of different ways. From tucked in to let loose, tied in a knot, or layered underneath a dress or sweater, you can’t go wrong with this year-round essential.

Take a note from Julie Harbour of Stylish Paradox and create a conservative yet edgy style using the classic white blouse. We love how she took our Stretch Cotton Hi-Neck Blouse and finished it off with a belt to accentuate her figure. Shout out to the MISOOK Boot Skirt with Silver Studs making a reappearance too (see other looks too from our Studs for All Seasons post!)

Misook Crisp White Blouse Button Up
Julie paired these two pieces with silver statement jewelry, pink iridescent shades, lace-up boots, and her wide belt to create this look – tell us what you think in the comments below!

Misook Crisp White Button Up Shirt
Joley Smith, from Fashion Beyond Forty, shows us another belted-blouse look. This time, the blouse is styled with a pop of color from a cami underneath and a delicate belt at her waist. The addition of a striking leather overcoat is the perfect cool-weather accessory!

“A classic blouse with a modernized hi-neck [gives] you a distinct power look!”

Misook contrast cuff blouse

Fabulously Chic Over 50‘s Jonet Wooten knows the importance of getting clothes that fit and flatter the body. Our MISOOK Contrast Cuff Blouse offers flexibility, comfort, and an extra je ne sais quoi to any wardrobe. Its graphic knit cuffs add extra interest when paired with any of our jackets as it pops out of the sleeves.

“I love the pattern of the cuffs and the versatility of a blouse that can be work with everything from skirts, to slacks or jeans.” – Jonet

This gorgeous top and our Long Woven Blouse are perfect for casual nights out or running errands on the weekend. For a no-fail, works-every-time outfit, pair one of our crisp-white button-up shirts with either your own pair of denim or our Slim Leg Pant.

For more MISOOK white button-ups and white blouse variations, visit Misook Blouses

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Cocktail Classics

French artist Yves Klein is the leading figure of the New Realism movement that began in post-war Europe. Klein was a painter, photographer, and performance artist. While celebrated as an artist, he is also remembered for his furniture design.

Klein’s most iconic hallmark is the use of a very specific and rich shade of sapphire blue known has YKB (Yves Klein Blue). MISOOK has incorporated Yves Klein’s signature blue, seen below in Klein’s 1961 coffee table, into this season’s tanks and jackets for absolutely, unmistakably cosmopolitan looks. The Cross Stitch Two-Tone Jacket is a modern take on a color-blocked jacket. Punctuated with metallic grommets and cross stitching at the waist, this piece creates a very eye-catching, yet slimming effect. Klein was known for his YKB monochromatic artwork. The MISOOK woman could use this inspiration to create an all-blue outfit by styling this jacket with a Sapphire Tank.


Yves Klein first created his iconic cocktail table by filling a wooden box with his signature YKB-blue and the other wooden box with folded and bent gold leaf. These two cocktail tables became available to the public shortly after in 1963 — but instead of wooden boxes, the tables were released in acrylic with sleek metal legs. These iconic and mod tables have been a staple in stylish and chic homes across the globe ever since. Either in gold or YKB, they are a flawless conversation starter.

If you prefer the more subdued gold table to the blue, not to worry — MISOOK has the perfect compliment. Our Flame Stitch Jacket is distinctive and eye-catching while also timelessly chic. This tailored fit jacket with its modified Mandarin collar falls just below the hip and will pair wonderfully with our Copper Tank, or any MISOOK black separate.


MISOOK, much like Yves Klein’s furniture, is modern, versatile, and the perfect outfit for any cocktail party. Our new arrivals this season are perfectly suited for the office or for any occasion — elegant or casual. Now you just have to decide where you want to wear them!

Versatility for Fall

The definition of versatility is: “having many uses or applications.” Fall fashion is all about versatility. The perfect fall piece is one that can be used in many different ways for many different temperatures.  In the fashion world, a piece must transition from day to night and from season to season. Nothing showcases versatility more than seeing multiple women style the same item to create several, uniquely different, looks.

When you pair MISOOK’s Faux Suede Moto Jacket the result is a statement piece that is as comfortable as it is head-turning. This piece has the luxurious appeal of vegan suede paired with the rich texture of ribbed knit. This fall fashion must-have elevates an iconic silhouette with snap accents and zip-up closures. This versatile jacket complements everything from tailored black pants to distressed jeans, taking you from workweek to weekend in style.


“The most beautiful faux suede jacket from MISOOK, will definitely be one of my essential wardrobe pieces through fall. I LOVE the easy to push-up sleeves for warmer days. And this neutral color makes it so simple to go with nearly everything in my closet! Versatile??? YES, very!” – Chic Over 50

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Color and Landscape

Clyfford Still, one of the most historically significant Abstract Expressionist painters, encapsulates the modernity and forward-thinking vision of the Post-War era. Untitled (1955-56), in the Menil Collection, is an extraordinary and quintessential example of Still’s work.Clyfford Still Artwork Misook Jacket

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Knitwear on the Go: From Wash to Weekend

We all love to travel, but it is not as stress-free as it once was. The security lines, taking off your jacket and shoes, and the occasional delays — it can be stressful. This is one of the many reasons MISOOK’s wash-and-wear knitwear is the perfect travel companion that keeps you comfortable, classic, and collected even in the most stressful situations. There is no need to worry about an unexpected spill from other passengers or the general toll traveling takes on garments.

Travel-friendly-Misook-Plaid-Multi-Topstitch-Jacket Travel-friendly-Misook-Plaid-Multi-Topstitch-Jacket

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MISOOK & Matisse

MISOOK & Matisse

MISOOK and Matisse have a key commonality: a sense of rhythm and line. One can see this energy bounced back and forth between Matisse’s works of art and MISOOK’s wearable art. Alongside Picasso, Matisse is regarded as one of the most influential artists in modern art for his wide and far-reaching contributions to painting and sculpture. Everyone, from Calvin Klein to Thakoon and Yves Saint Laurent to Dior has been influenced by Matisse’s strong compositions. Let’s take a look back at how Matisse came to be one of the most influential modern artists of contemporary fashion design.
Fashion inspired by Art Matisse

Renowned French painter, sculptor and print market Henri Matisse was born in 1869. Matisse’s early work was painted in the Fauvist style — characterized by very bright, bold colors, and wild-expressionist brushstrokes. Fauve in French means “wild beast.” Best known for his delicate yet precise line and depiction of the human form, Matisse was lauded not only for his paintings but also for his work on paper.

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Beautiful in Blue

Beautiful in Blue

To be put simply, Ad Reinhardt’s monochrome paintings are nothing short of sublime. MISOOK has chosen to introduce several jackets and tank tops this season which is a subtle nod to the historic painting of Ad Reinhardt.

The subtle and radiant paintings from his late blue series are comprised of mostly colorful and symmetrical geometric forms. Through the use of a specific painting technique, the surface of Ad Reinhardt’s monochrome paintings are incredibly delicate. Another result of this artist’s technique is shown in his paintings, which are simultaneously soft and dense — glowing with brilliance uncommon to the ordinary painted surface. Glowing with brilliance is a mission shared also by MISOOK as a representative in ready-to-wear knitwear that is flattering for every woman of all shapes and sizes.

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