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Geometric Square Pattern & Color Theory in Contemporary Art & Clothing

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Fall back (no pun intended) on a classic geometrical shape, the square! This easy-going windowpane pattern is making a fashion editorial comeback for the modern woman – whether in the office or out on the town. This design serves to add an intricate amount of detail and energy to an otherwise ordinary outfit. From fashion designers to famous artists, the square is a geometric shape that adds an enduring quality to be appropriately trend-conscious without being trend-driven. Josef Albers, best known for his “Homage to the Square” series, uses overlapping and intersecting squares to examine our perception of color and space. Misook’s FW17 Green jacket echoes Albers’ 1957 Homage to the Square: Green Dusk in both its palette and pattern.

Josef Albers is as celebrated for his iconic and abstract, Homage to the Square paintings. This seminal series from 1950s and 1960s, is a disarmingly simply body of work made of superimposed squares. The series is defined by adherence to one pictorial formula: the square. Albers focused on the implication of form and the interplay of shape and color. Homage to the Square paintings employ rigid geometric compositions to emphasize the optical effects and our perception of color. Optical effects have the power to impact the gaze and to put the public in a visual trance. Both Albers and Misook use various shapes and lines to create patterns that we see in everyday life. As seen in the Misook jacket, the visual impact of a square pattern adds a touch of dynamism and spellbinding spark to your everyday wardrobe pieces. Put on this versatile jacket and put everyone around you in a visual trance!

Albers and Misook use tessellation, a pattern in which congruent copies of a figure completely fill the plane without overlapping. Geometric tessellations, like the squares on this Misook jacket, are used in fashion to create a repeating pattern on clothing. In its most basic sense, fashion uses geometry when constructing apparel; seams must be parallel in order to hang correctly on the body. “To fit every woman with the style and service she deserves, making her look as attractive and confident on the outside as she feels on the inside.” Geometry, like the squares of Josef Albers and pattern of Misook jacket, is used to make aesthetically appealing outfits showcased in this Misook jacket. In both designers’ work, the overall interplay of the square creates an aesthetically-pleasing and flattering pattern for a “wow” visual impact.

Josef Albers and Misook both use key elements from classic geometry, like the square, to invent an elaborate design stressing the importance of unity and order. Although the square is a simple shape by itself, the repetition of this seemingly simple shape creates a complex abstraction. It is clear that geometry plays an important role in fashion. The foundation of design, regardless of the apparel, is based on geometry. Without geometry, the aesthetically alluring design details we see would not exist. Geometry provides fashion designers with a unique, creative way to express themselves through design. Additionally, constructing a garment would be impossible without geometry. Therefore, fashion would not be what it is today without geometry.

The importance of color is a topic explored in Josef Albers work and Misook clothing. Josef Albers first published Interaction of Color in 1963, but his famous color philosophy still holds true (and is widely taught) today. Albers used a single, repeated square, which he insisted was devoid of symbolism, to systematically experiment with the “relativity” of color, how it changes through juxtaposition, placement, and interaction with other colors, generating the illusion of attraction, resistance, weight, and movement. “When you really understand that each color is changed by a changed environment, you eventually find that you have learned about life as well as about color.” The Misook color palette is designed to complement the clothing, never to outshine, overpower or detract. Color should always bring graceful emphasis to the clothing in a way that quietly flatters. Misook’s color complement the strong woman who already exists. Timeless while remaining relevant, the palette is composed primarily of neutral colors with pops of brighter colors to bring everything to life with a vibrant sense of femininity and style. The Misook color palette embodies Albers’ artwork and color theory, “Learn to see and to feel life.”

Albers’ use of the square is instantly recognizable and will undoubtedly stand the test of time within the visual canon. You know what else stands the test of time? Misook fabrics. Misook is committed to upholding a standard of quality in garment sourcing, design and fabrication process that produces clothing with longevity – not stretching or fading over time, and through simple machine washing, lasting longer. From complimenting colors to machine-washable fabrics to timeless square patterns, the Misook FW17 collection will live in your closet for years to come; these are the perfect statement and staple wardrobe pieces whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or more!

The definition of ‘square’ as a geometric shape heralds back to the Old French esquarre, meaning “honest, fair” in the 1560s to that of “straight, direct” in the 1800s. So, let’s be honest (or esquarre), its hip to be square! What could be more Misook than straightforward and confident womenswear with undertones of beauty, art, and culture? Tag @misookshop or #misook with your favorite Misook look!

Fun Fact: Josef Albers’ wife Anni was a much-celebrated textile artist whose textile library is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


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