The Power of Red Jackets

Dress like a Warhol Fashion Portrait 80’s Icon. Timeless, Striking Style for the Everyday Woman.

Debbie Harry Andy Warhol via 1st dibs

Andy Warhol is famous for being an artist, filmmaker, and international social fixture. Warhol first showed his “Campbell Soup Can” series at Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, which was owned by the legendary Walter Hopps. While we all know and remember Warhol for different reasons, he is undoubtedly one of the most important artists of the 20th Century. One of the overarching achievements, he should be remembered for is the recognizing beauty in the trivial and giving it gravitas.

While the subject matter in Warhol’s body of work changes throughout the course of his career, the photograph is always the core of the work. Shortly after his first show at Ferus Gallery, Warhol began using the photo-silkscreen process. The silkscreen process allowed for Warhol to combine both photography and painting. Warhol’s new and radical approach to painting, via photo photography and the silkscreen process, was a complete paradigm shift. The idea of what could be was in the process of transformation and thus the status of the photograph became elevated to that of high art.

Warhol was rarely without his camera – photographing everything from street life to high society. The fashion polaroids capture the glamour of the era, the notion, an idea of the celebrity, and serve as the foundation for his paintings.

Andy Warhol Debbie Harry Red Jacket

Debbie Harry, undoubtedly an 80’s icon, is coyly captured here – glancing over her shoulder at us with striking and vibrant red lips. She epitomizes the MISOOK mission to be the outward expression of inner confidence. MISOOK’s number one goal is to fit every woman with the style and service she deserves, making her look as attractive and confident on the outside as she feels on the inside.

You know what else is striking and vibrant? MISOOK’s Fall 2017 red jackets. Whether you pair these bold red ready-to-wear timeless tweed fashion pieces with a pair of slacks for a glamorous night on the town or a pair of jeans to run weekend errands — you will be sure to channel an 80’s iconic and turn heads.

red tweed jacket with trim misook red multi tweed with gold chain trim jacket red jacket misook

Debbie Harry’s image was selected for the cover of Phaidon’s 2005 monograph “Andy Warhol Portraits.” She is also one of the most accomplished Warhol celebrity portraits and is one of four portraits he painted in the rare large format of 42 inches. Of Warhol’s other famous celebrity portraits, he painted Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. These are iconic women in their own right, and have been further immortalized in Warhol’s portraits and, as a result, the world. They spoke their mind, he noticed and their allure became larger than life.

Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Debbie Harry have several things in common. They are all beautiful, confident and strong women in their own way. Warhol was continually fascinated by these women and created some of his most iconic works based on these four ladies. When we think about Warhol’s most iconic works and the MISOOK customer — we think of similar qualities. MISOOK makes ready-to-wear fashion that compliments the woman who already exists. The confident, beautiful and strong woman — that is who we are and for whom we make our beautiful knitwear. Be bold, be a lady in red.

misook red crosshatch pattern jacket

“I am not a wilting flower. I am a woman with an opinion, with talent, and I’m not going away anytime soon.” 
– MISOOK customer –

What could be more MISOOK than a bold red jacket epitomizing confident womenswear with undertones of beauty, art, and culture? Tag @MISOOKshop or #MISOOK with your favorite #MISOOKmoment look!

misook tweed jacket with trim Tweed goes contemporary for this jacket, defined by a unique ombre effect. With a below-the-hip length and sharp black trim, this machine-washable topper is a bright complement to all of your favorite black essentials.
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red jacket misook crosshatch pattern Capture the spotlight in vivid color with our Crosshatch Pattern Jacket. Emblazoned with bold strokes of red against a red-and-black backdrop, this wash-and-wear topper features black contrast trim, modern side slits, and a below-the-hip length. Pair it with black pants for office polish or with jeans for weekend ease.


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