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Matisse and Misook comparison

MISOOK and Matisse have a key commonality: a sense of rhythm and line. One can see this energy bounced back and forth between Matisse’s works of art and MISOOK’s wearable art. Alongside Picasso, Matisse is regarded as one of the most influential artists in modern art for his wide and far-reaching contributions to painting and sculpture. Everyone, from Calvin Klein to Thakoon and Yves Saint Laurent to Dior has been influenced by Matisse’s strong compositions. Let’s take a look back at how Matisse came to be one of the most influential modern artists of contemporary fashion design.
Fashion inspired by Art Matisse

Renowned French painter, sculptor and print market Henri Matisse was born in 1869. Matisse’s early work was painted in the Fauvist style — characterized by very bright, bold colors, and wild-expressionist brushstrokes. Fauve in French means “wild beast.” Best known for his delicate yet precise line and depiction of the human form, Matisse was lauded not only for his paintings but also for his work on paper.

Matisse Jeune Femme assise en robe resille

Jeune femme assise en robe de résille (1939) is an incredible example of Matisse’s later, more mature style with the interplay between graceful and restrained lines. During the 1930s, Matisse developed and honed his techniques for working with charcoal. Matisse would manipulate charcoal already applied to the paper by erasing, and reapplying cut pieces of white paper. The use of these pieces allowed Matisse to exert more control over the tonality of the charcoal.

Matisse Misook Diagonal Trim Jacket Inspiration

The strong diagonals of the woman in this Matisse charcoal work are strikingly similar to this season’s MISOOK Diagonal Trim Jacket. This striking gold-tone with contrasting black trim is perfect for office polish or with jeans for weekend ease. This piece combined contemporary appeal with a classic color palette that is not only eye-catching but would not look an inch out of place in this Matisse work on paper.MISOOK Sequin and Sheer JacketCharcoal allowed Matisse to create masterful smoky shadows and incredible luminosity. Another hallmark afforded by charcoal is something that Matisse is very much remembered for — creating loose and expressionist works which are still very much representational. This looseness and sense of motion further contribute to the sense of emotion and human condition very much present in Matisse’s entire body of work. A similar energetic-like quality can be seen in the design pattern of this MISOOK Sequin and Sheer Jacket. Abstract, shimmering sequins and black trim make a splash against luxuriant, sheer black machine-washable fabric of this elegant evening jacket. The energy and motion of Matisse’s works of art and MISOOK’s ready-to-wear jacket are almost palpable.

As you can see, the use of Matisse’s charcoal technique is in full effect in Jeune femme assise en robe de résille. Her pronounced face and bold clothing are set against an untouched background. Her hair falls around the nape of her neck as she leans against a loosely depicted table. The charm and effectiveness come from the charcoal shading on her face, body, and hair. There is a feeling that she is a confident and mobile woman. Much like all MISOOK pieces, our emphasis is centered around the woman and how she feels in our designs.

MISOOK Pattern Legging is also having quite the Matisse moment. These incredibly flattering black, rose, and winterberry leggings are perfect for having a coffee with a friend, running errands, or simply being comfortable and confident. These are perfect fall leggings that can introduce a pop of rosy hues and Matisse boldness to any outfit. These leggings pair flawlessly with our assortment of Tanks, Tunics, and Blouses.

Matisse MISOOK patterned leggings cutout colors

The composition of Matisse’s Jeune femme assise en robe de résille was incredibly modern for the time. In traditional portraiture, the body of the subject rarely leaves the frame. The woman here exists beyond the sheet of paper — her hair sits above the top edge and her feet are not in the picture. Cropping an image in this way was radical for the time. We may be biased, but we can’t help but love that the emphasis is on her and her clothes, not on her hair or shoes — a blowout will wash out, shoes will wear out, but a beautifully crafted MISOOK piece will last for years.

We see a striking similarity between the woman in the Matisse work and our garments. They are both strikingly contemporary, encapsulate the modern woman, and are works of art. So whether you were born in 1939 or are 39, MISOOK has got you covered to live your life beyond the sheet of paper. Tag @Misookshop or #MISOOK with your favorite #MisookMoment!

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