Knitwear on the Go: From Wash to Weekend

We all love to travel, but it is not as stress-free as it once was. The security lines, taking off your jacket and shoes, and the occasional delays — it can be stressful. This is one of the many reasons MISOOK’s wash-and-wear knitwear is the perfect travel companion that keeps you comfortable, classic, and collected even in the most stressful situations. There is no need to worry about an unexpected spill from other passengers or the general toll traveling takes on garments.

Travel-friendly-Misook-Plaid-Multi-Topstitch-Jacket Travel-friendly-Misook-Plaid-Multi-Topstitch-Jacket

MISOOK’s Multi Topstitch Jacket is just one example of a perfect travel jacket as shown to us by A Well Styled Life. This stylish below-the-hip jacket is an incredibly classic staple piece for daily wear and travel. Here we see this tailored fit jacket wonderfully styled with a classic white shirt and jeans. Certainly “a well styled” travel outfit. One of the biggest advantages our Multi Topstitch Jacket has is its wash-and-wear ability. Long gone are needless dry cleaning bills. Classic, stylish, and comfortable— that is how we want all women who wear MISOOK to feel.

Even if you are not traveling, but on the go with your daily routine — MISOOK is a classic choice. Susan from the Midlife Fashionista shows us just how versatile the Tweed Jacket with Trim can be. This vibrant knit jacket is perfect for romping around your city, lunch with friends, or an evening on the town. Also wash-and-wear, the modern cut is distinctively and subtly chic with its unique ombre effect. Its heritage fit and jewel neck compliments every body type and is classically stylish. This striking tweed jacket can be effortlessly paired with any of our knit or woven tanks or crisp black or white blouses to be ready for anything the day throws at you.

MISOOK creates garments for the modern woman on the go. There is little reason to not look our best while traveling or tackling the to-do list. In our pieces, you can be stylish, classic, and comfortable regardless of the occasion.

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