Color and Landscape

Clyfford Still, one of the most historically significant Abstract Expressionist painters, encapsulates the modernity and forward-thinking vision of the Post-War era. Untitled (1955-56), in the Menil Collection, is an extraordinary and quintessential example of Still’s work.Clyfford Still Artwork Misook Jacket


The bold and dramatic swaths of red and black are applied to the canvas not with a brush, but with a palette knife — creating an almost percussive sense of movement and energy. Still’s palette choice in this particular painting is similar to many of the MISOOK jackets this season.


In awe with the American frontier, Clyfford Still recreates the landscape in his paintings. Still’s choice of scale intimately relates to the landscape he grew within his native North Dakota. This imposing, monumental painting’s materiality overwhelms the viewer and its thickly painted surface is reminiscent of the strength of nature. Still’s palette choice in this particular painting is unquestionably similar to the tones and hues featured in MISOOK’s fall 2017 collection. Our Horizontal Landscape Jacket would fit in perfectly within the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, where Still’s artwork is showcased. Much like Still’s body of work, MISOOK has been inspired by the natural landscape. The solid sleeves of this boldly colored and patterned jacket contrast its abstracted knit torso, and act like a frame. The Horizontal Landscape Jacket is a statement for anywhere you choose to wear it.

While seemingly innocuous, it is important to note that Clyfford Still was the first artist to work on a scale that exceeded the traditional easel painting. Furthermore, Still was one of the first artists to consistently make-work in a recognizable abstract manner. Throughout his career as one of the most important American artists, Still’s canvases are continuously punctuated with strong and striking vertical bands of color. Much like the natural landscapes, these forms can be viewed, in a very literal manner, as mountains, caves, forests, and a handful of other naturally occurring growths or formations.

Misook-fashion-tanks Misook-artwork-jacket-clyfford-still-horizontal-red-painterly-jacket

MISOOK’s Tank with Tie Neck pairs brilliantly with our new Horizontal Landscape Jacket and, conveniently, both are wash-and-wear. This sleeveless tank in classic black is perfect for layering or worn on its own with jeans. The tie neck is a trend this season and is not something any MISOOK woman should be without. As modern as Clyfford Still, MISOOK believes in the future — the future of knitwear! This jewel neck jacket features our signature bracelet-length sleeve and, most importantly, is machine-washable and ready to travel with you during the holiday season.

If you are an adventurous woman and are traversing the landscape in your MISOOK jacket, rest assured that you will not have to seek out a dry cleaner to look sophisticated, chic and flawlessly put together. Tag @misookshop or #MISOOK with your favorite #MisookMoment!

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