Cocktail Classics

French artist Yves Klein is the leading figure of the New Realism movement that began in post-war Europe. Klein was a painter, photographer, and performance artist. While celebrated as an artist, he is also remembered for his furniture design.

Klein’s most iconic hallmark is the use of a very specific and rich shade of sapphire blue known has YKB (Yves Klein Blue). MISOOK has incorporated Yves Klein’s signature blue, seen below in Klein’s 1961 coffee table, into this season’s tanks and jackets for absolutely, unmistakably cosmopolitan looks. The Cross Stitch Two-Tone Jacket is a modern take on a color-blocked jacket. Punctuated with metallic grommets and cross stitching at the waist, this piece creates a very eye-catching, yet slimming effect. Klein was known for his YKB monochromatic artwork. The MISOOK woman could use this inspiration to create an all-blue outfit by styling this jacket with a Sapphire Tank.


Yves Klein first created his iconic cocktail table by filling a wooden box with his signature YKB-blue and the other wooden box with folded and bent gold leaf. These two cocktail tables became available to the public shortly after in 1963 — but instead of wooden boxes, the tables were released in acrylic with sleek metal legs. These iconic and mod tables have been a staple in stylish and chic homes across the globe ever since. Either in gold or YKB, they are a flawless conversation starter.

If you prefer the more subdued gold table to the blue, not to worry — MISOOK has the perfect compliment. Our Flame Stitch Jacket is distinctive and eye-catching while also timelessly chic. This tailored fit jacket with its modified Mandarin collar falls just below the hip and will pair wonderfully with our Copper Tank, or any MISOOK black separate.


MISOOK, much like Yves Klein’s furniture, is modern, versatile, and the perfect outfit for any cocktail party. Our new arrivals this season are perfectly suited for the office or for any occasion — elegant or casual. Now you just have to decide where you want to wear them!

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